High Caliber Data, Diligent Publishing

CaliberAI provides digital tools to support publishers and platforms, by detecting potentially defamatory or harmful text, and reducing the risk of publication of such material.

A laptop with an an abstract view of the CaliberAI solution.

CaliberAI Solutions

  • Detects and flags potentially defamatory and harmful content
  • API service with option for custom client CMS integration
  • Adjustable detection-sensitivity settings
  • Explainable AI keeps 'human-in-the loop' and highlights 'trigger' words
  • Customizable client notifications
A laptop with an an abstract view of the CaliberAI solution.

Digital Publishing is Changing

The rules of internet publishing are in flux, and the publishing environment has never been so fraught with risk. CaliberAI's tools are designed to help journalists, editors, moderators and publishers of all kinds, to meet this challenge.

The Torrent, the Tsunami and the Slow Move to Fix Things

Risk Mitigation

Publication of defamatory and harmful text is a costly risk for traditional news publishers and platforms alike. CaliberAI's solutions target the pre-publication stage, and include a browser extension, custom classification, full API integration and ongoing model management.

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Classified as potentially Defamatory

He was holidaying in Spain simply to avoid the corruption affair that is engulfing the enterprise.

Potentially problematic content has been highlighted. The size indicates attention. A classification is an automated linguistic determination and not a value judgement, read more about this here.

Defamatory probability: 0.9942108392715454
Defamatory threshold: 0.6
Model used: longformer (135)
Time taken: 1963ms
Attention weights:
holidaying (6.16165461862211e-15), simply (2.3540242948133677e-18), avoid (3.919086451069679e-16), corruption (2.189833600910185e-12), affair (1.222244666587713e-10), that (6.880258048133549e-16), engulfing (6.9025105661855036e-9), enterprise. (2.1695206395278e-12)

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