Defamatory content

CaliberAI’s defamation detection algorithm is aligned closely with the Common Law definition of defamation, where the communication of a false statement causes reputational damage to an individual or group of individuals.

Though defamation law varies across Common Law jurisdictions, CaliberAI strives for an algorithmic implementation that is broadly applicable to English-speaking legal territories.

Example of potentially defamatory content


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What makes us different

Powered by a unique, high-quality dataset of defamation examples, and managed by a team of annotation experts, CaliberAI's pioneering tools augment human capability to detect language with a high level of legal and defamatory risk.

Unique data

Unique, carefully crafted datasets, training multiple machine learning models for production deployment.

Expert led

Expert annotation, overseen by a diverse, publisher led team with deep expertise in news, law, linguistics and computer science.

Explainable outputs

Pre-processing and post-processing with explainable AI outputs.