Harmful Content Solutions

Powered by a high-quality dataset of harmful speech samples, crafted in line with evolving E.U. standards in AI and harm, CaliberAI's tools augment human capability to detect language with a high risk of being harmful.

Test potentially harmful content

This is an early release of CaliberAI and you may notice false positives/negatives as we refine our predictive models.

Example of potentially harmful content

Classified as potentially Harmful

Women are a weaker sex.

Potentially problematic content has been highlighted. The size indicates attention. A classification is an automated linguistic determination and not a value judgement, read more about this here.

Harmful probability: 0.9166861772537231
Harmful threshold: 0.6
Model used: Attention
Time taken: 9242ms
Attention weights:
Women (0.0006173682049848139), weaker (0.00024786710855551064), sex. (0.010405061766505241)

What makes us different

Unique data

Unique, carefully crafted datasets, training multiple machine learning models for production deployment.

Expert led

Expert annotation, overseen by a diverse, publisher led team with deep expertise in news, law, linguistics and computer science.

Explainable outputs

Pre-processing and post-processing with eXplainable AI outputs.

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